Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae 1961 - 1989

Personal Details

Name: Andrzej Ritz.
Place of Birth: Bath, England.
Tel: (+48) 785 901 070
Address: Katowice.
Date of Birth: 31st August 1954.

Educational Qualifications

1991-1992: University of Surrey, MSc in Signal Processing and Machine Intelligence. Thesis title: “Kalman Filters for Motion Analysis”.

1982-1983: University of London, MSc in Ergonomics. Thesis title: “A preliminary assessment within a Human Factors context of two alternative types of Artificial Retina”.

1979-1982: University of Sussex, BSc. Hons. Biology, majoring in Experimental Psychology (2.1).

Career History

1995-Present: Proofreading, English Language Training and educational software development both full and part-time

I have taught adults and young learners English at all levels from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced. Recently I started a company specializing in giving courses on Semantic Search and Social Networks. In addition to teaching I also develop educational software, proofread business and technical documents and maintain a number of blogs containing up-to-date information about my work, interests and the software I develop.

June 2005-June 2006. University of Information Technology and Management, Rzeszow, Poland.

I was employed as an English Language Trainer but I also gave lectures on Information Technology and ran a Kendo club.

Feb 2004-June 2005 Telekomunikacja Polska

Specialist: Since joining TP S.A., I have concentrated on Telecommunications Management, in particular Business Process Engineering and User Interface Design. As a part of this activity I joined a group of professionals who are preparing standards for the ITU in a related area.

August 1999-2003. Warsaw Institute of Technology.

I carried out research on Computational Vision and developed an Intelligent Web Server.

March 1995 – July 2003: The Polish Academy of Science. (Both Full Time and Part Time).

Biologist: As a member of the Institute of Experimental Biology and later the Institute of Biocybernetics, I developed a set of programs for the combined statistical and transform-domain analysis of EEG signals

October 1994 – March 1995: University of Warsaw. (Part Time).

Temporary Lecturer: I lectured Image Processing and Computer Vision to Graduate Students. My lectures were based on the international Standard for Imaging.
Dec. 1992 – March 1994 DeMontfort University, Milton Keynes.

Temporary Lecturer in Computing and Mathematics: My responsibilities included lecturing Artificial Intelligence to undergraduates and Business Mathematics to part-time students.

June 90-Oct. 91. Self Employed.

Director: I helped to establish UniVision Ltd, and was responsible for the Design and Implementation of its product range. Most of the product development effort was directed towards creating Arabesque, which is an Application Programmers Interface for Imaging. Arabesque is based on the emerging ISO standard for imaging, which has recently been approved as an international standard.

March 87 – June 90. Depts. of Computer Science and Cybernetics, University of Reading.

1) Senior Research Fellow. In the Dept. of Computer Science I was a member of an ALVEY project involved with the recognition of 3D objects. My other duties included supervising 3rd year project students and refereeing papers for Image and Vision Computing.

2) Senior Research Associate. In the Dept. of Cybernetics I lectured AI and Computer Vision to undergraduates and participated in the writing of several project proposals. I also co-operated with the NERC unit for Thematic Information Processing in the area of Remote Sensing.

May 1985-March 1987 British Petroleum Research Centre, Sundbury-on-Thames.

Computer Scientist: At BP, I Researched into Computer Vision while looking for applications where such techniques could be applied. I was also a consultant in the areas of Machine Vision and MMI. During this time I was also the Industrial Supervisor of a PhD student.

June 1983-May 1985 Sowerby Research Centre, British Aerospace, Filton, Bristol.

Higher Engineer: At British Aerospace my research activities centred around developing Computer Vision and Image Processing techniques based on the results from human spatial vision research. In addition I represented the research centre on the Industrial Expert Systems Club and gave lectures to other BAe. sites on Artificial Intelligence programming techniques. I participated in a number of successful project proposals.

Membership of professional bodies

The European Human Factors and Ergonomics Society – Senior Fellow.

International Standards Committees 1990-2001

ISO committee for Imaging. (ISO/IEC JTC1/SC24/WG1/RG Imaging). I represented the UK as the principle expert in Image Processing and Interchange. At the last ISO meeting I was head of the UK delegation for Imaging. Recently I was a member of a Polish delegation to Brussels discussing agricultural standards.

BRITISH Standards Committees

Jan 1993 – 1994: Panel Chairman of IST/31/-/7. This committee provided the infra-structure to write part of the ISO standard for Image Processing..

Jan 1990 – 1994:Member of IST31. This committee approves standards in the area of Computer Graphics and Imaging.

Research Interests

Developing Social Media Applications
Semantic Lexicons

Other Qualifications

Jun. 1977. Cross Country Ski Instructor – National Ski Federation of Great Britain. Class 2.
Jan. 1978. Ski Instructor – British Association of Ski Instructors. Class 3.

Sporting Achievements

1973-1974 A member of the team that won the Army/ British Championships in Cross Country Skiing (Biathlon).


English – native; German – B1; Polish – B1;


Writing Music and Poetry,  Skiing, Roller Skating, Yoga and Meditation.

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